Six Cannabis Companies Who Crushed it on Social Media – October 2016

hHow is it almost Halloween?  It’s spooky how quickly time flies in the cannabis industry. Just a few years ago , our dream of working in the cannabis industry seemed so incredibly far away. But not anymore. We’re knee deep into everything cannabis. In an effort to starve off that sugar high you’ll have later on, these are Refined Bud’s six examples of successful social media posts from cannabis brands for October.

Ganja Yoga- Melanie’s Choice:

What they did right: Ganja Yoga used a positive testimonial from a customer and turned it into a shareable graphic.

What can other cannabis companies learn: Sharing positive reviews from current customers adds to your brand’s credibility. Most people read testimonial and reviews before purchasing a product, so having those accessible on your website, or in a shareable image like Ganja Yoga did, gives your audience faith in your business

Stock Pot Images – Melanie’s Choice:

What they did right: Stock Pot Images sent a powerful message for women to join the cannabis industry in any area that gives them value and purpose and that women are and will continue to be the foundation of the cannabis industry.

What can other cannabis companies Learn? Show your audience what your business is passionate about and how they are positively contributing to the industry. Anyone can operate a business, but it takes a special brand to operate a business that does good in the community.  

Love & Marij – Melanie’s Choice: 

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Colorado based @top_shelf_budtending provide classy, well educated budtending services for upscale events like weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, and more. The owner, Andrew Mieure, also specializes in thinking up genius cannabis infused mocktails that are delicious and pretty enough to be at the top of the menu at any craft cocktail bar. Not only did Mieure let us in on some trade secrets in making fabulous, mouth watering cannabis cocktails he also shared a recipe that puts an Autumn twist on a classic cocktail. Explore how to set up a speakeasy for two right in the comfort of our home in this DIY date night for Fall. DIY Date Night: Fall Cannabis Cocktails – Love and Marij

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Throwing the perfect weed wedding requires us to take an artistic approach to how we look at the plant. From the detailed cannabis bouquet and boutonnieres right down to the bachelorette party favors there are tons of ways to include cannabis in our special day. Serving up a full canna-bar at a wedding is an ideal way for a canna-couple to celebrate the big day. But we’re faced with wondering how to budget and even how much to serve, which isn’t hard with the right information. We asked professional budtender Andrew Mieure of @top_shelf_budtending a couple of questions about having a wedding cannabar and learned some insightful industry secrets. How To Stock A Wedding Cannabis Bar – Love and Marij

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What they did right: Resized a web/blog graphic to fit Instagram’s standard format to promote a new blog on their website. Many brands don’t realize that you can share your blog work on every platform, it just takes a bit of tweaking. Love & Marij nails it when they resize the image and add shout outs and a great description.

What can other cannabis companies learn?  As it related to the first graphic, your brand  should have a blog to share your expertise, products and more. As it relates to the second graphic, share your blogs on all your social networks! On Instagram, it helps to add the link to your “Bio” so that people can click an active link on their mobile rather than copying and pasting a text.

Marketers Tip: Adding a link in your captions or comments within Instagram will not create active links that your audience can click. We recommend urging your brand to add the link as your bio link.

Canna Chef Katie – Linsey’s Choice:

What they did right: Are you crying? We’re crying. Canna Chef Katie gave us all the feels by showing the before and after CBD treatment for their dog Kilo. Messages that invoke feelings are incredibly powerful.

What can other cannabis companies learn? We cannot recommend that cannabis brands to replicate this particular experience because  your message would be inauthentic. This message is so powerful, it stands on its own. But what a brand manager can take away from this piece is to connect with your audience and be emotional. That authenticity for any company and by sharing real stories, the emotion will have that much more impact.   

Leafly – Linsey’s Choice:

What they did right: Again with the emotions! The cannabis legalization movement is winning because of powerful stories. Here, Leafly created great content packing into a tightly digestible format. Coupled with their #WhatsYourReason social media campaign, Leafly’s social team is brilliant and should be commended for changing the conversation.

What can other cannabis companies learn? Run campaigns instead of just posting randomly. We’ve mentioned this multiple times on our blog and It’s one of core foundations of success on digital marketing. Not only does this help with collaboration between different departments, it ensures that your company sticks to one message. It’s a valid lesson for all of us. They also follow some of our twitter best practices, which we love.

Betty Khronic – Linsey’s Choice:

What they did right: Betty Khronic is paying attention to their online audience and  incorporating them into their social posts! This is a fantastic way to increase engagement from your community but show serious love to brand loyalists who love your product.

What can other cannabis companies learn? Create ways to incorporate community posts into your social media feeds. Your followers want to be entertained, informed, educated, and also be reflected in the content your brand shares.

That’s all she wrote for October’s best use of social media from cannabis companies. Which cannabrand had the best social media posts relating to Halloween? Did any brand go overboard on the Halloween concept? We’d love to hear from our followers which cannabis brands you love following and why. Let us know in the comments.

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