What Cannabis Brands Can Do To Increase Email Open Rates

When it comes to value, email is still king for digital marketers. This is particularly the case for Cannabis brands because emails lend anonymity that social media does not. As legalization gains momentum, more people are becoming canna-curious. By using email marketing, you can cultivate a relationship with a potential customer and build them into a brand loyalist. But, you won’t be able to cultivate anything until you can get them to open your email. To ensure your customers read your email, we recommend the following tips.

Short + Simple
In High School, Linsey our CEO had a dynamic art teacher who harped the principles of K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid. While times are very different than they were in the 1990s, the principles of KISS still apply to email marketing and subject lines.

After analyzing 25 blogs specializing in email marketing, 75% encouraged subject lines to be short. An overwhelming majority of digital marketers agree – keep it simple. People have shorter attention spans now than they’ve had in the past so you must quickly capture their attention. So, keep KISS in mind every time you’re about to draft an email. Hezekiah Allen, the Executive Director at California Growers Association, had an excellent example of this tip recently with the subject line “Poetry.”image of the subject line 'poetry'

Be Specific
One of the biggest disappointments customers have is when they feel undervalued. One of the surest ways to create customer dissatisfaction is to over-promise in your subject line. No one likes to be made a fool, so deliver on your promise. By getting specific in your subject line, you’re preparing your cannabis consumer for what lies ahead in the email. A perfect example of a company whose subject line delivers, again and again, is Green Flower Media. They often provide fantastic subject lines that are unique to their courses.

image of Live Today: Cannabis & PTSD

Imply Urgency
Urgency is one of the most frequently used tactics to encourage customers to open emails. When is the last time you opened an email suggesting for a ‘limited time’ or ‘until midnight.’ Face it; we live in a world of procrastination. Instead of hoping your cannabis customer will magically purchase your item, guide their path. One of the best examples of this is the Emerald Cup ticket price increase emails. There are simple and effective ways to create urgency for consumers.

Every month, tickets prices for the Emerald Cup increase, so event promoters use the price increases to push urgency on their customers. If you want to save money, you’ll purchase them early. Your customers gain value by taking action before the price increases. Bonus, if you’ve competitively priced your event, ticket sales will be steady. If you’ve crafted your subject line with a hint of urgency, your cannabis connoisseur to respond to the next tip.

Take Action
If you’ve made it to tip 4, your subject line guided your cannabis consumer to the moment they must decide to open or delete your email. By adding an action-oriented verb to your particular subject line, you increase the likelihood of getting an open. People naturally react when they see an action verb whether it be to sponsor, approve, explore, imagine, or renew. Using any one of these will increase the likelihood that your customer opens an email from your business. Need help thinking of action verbs? We found a great list over at Resume Genius.

Medical Cannabis Company Bloom Farms caught our attention recently with the action verb ‘float.’ Tell us you wouldn’t open an email with the subject line ‘Float Your Way To Inner Peace’?

best subject line we've seen - Float Your Way to Inner Peace

Make it personal
“Email, at its very core, is a one-on-one medium,” said Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS Institute and that’s precisely the reason to keep it personal. People respond to interactions when they feel valued. A report by MarketingSherpa found that consumer products and services companies who personalized subject lines saw a 41.8% increase in open rates. What would an open rate of 42% do to your sales?

graph showing you how much value personalizing your subject line helps

If there’s any one area where cannabis companies miss opportunities in subject line creation, it’s in their efforts to personalize. Whether it be a time constraint, a limited list, or an unproven tactic for many, many companies, have yet to dive into providing a personal experience to potential brand loyalists. Customers, especially early brand adopters want to feel special. The quicker you make these early adopters feel special, the better off the industry will be.

It’s important to remember, that if your emails aren’t getting opened, interested customers won’t see your content, product, event, or sale. Subject lines can be a major hurdle for any cannabis brand, but by practicing a few of these simple tips, you will be building a stronger relationship with your new canna-friendly client.

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