Six Cannabis Companies Who Crushed it on Social Media – September 2016

Posted by Refined Bud on October 5, 2016 in blog


September has come and gone and many cannabis connoisseurs are preparing for their fall harvest, the holiday season, or those fourth quarter social media campaigns. To help get those creative juices flowing, here are Refined Bud’s six examples of successful social media posts from cannabis brands in September.

Kiva Confections – Linsey’s Choice:

What they did right: Kiva understands the importance of educating the consumer on their product; especially one containing cannabis. In this particular post, Kiva Confections highlights the entourage effect to their Instagram community.

What can other cannabis companies learn: As legalization efforts take off across the country, inevitably more people will become canna-curious. Cannabis brands and businesses have a responsibility to educate its customers on dosing, regulations and more. This is a great example of Kiva educating the consumer, but also differentiating it from other edible companies who may not use whole plant extract.  

Kush Kards – Linsey’s Choice:

What they did right: The women behind Kush Kards do an incredible job of highlighting their brand’s personality and making it more human. In this one post, they captured a local favorite, tied it into a local event, and then made it timely. Basically, Kush Kards hit the trifecta of audience engagement.

What can other cannabis companies Learn? First, show some personality on your social media channels — people follow brands because they want to relate to the brand. By using the hashtag #bostonfreedomrally, they could connect with anyone who attended the rally. This was a perfect way to connect with a very specific audience member who is more likely to purchase the product they featured.  

Mary Janes Film – Linsey’s Choice: 

What they did right: Mary Janes Film, a documentary following Puffragettes™ as they navigate the “budding” marijuana industry in the United States, captured the human side of the film by using interviewees in its fundraising efforts. This social strategy not only humanized the film but also helped in its fundraising—these respondents were likely incredibly supportive of the documentary and are more likely to share a post about themselves.  

What can other cannabis companies learn? Highlight community on your channels. Show the lifestyle and community of your customers. We’ve talked about the importance of humanizing your brand, but it’s important also to show the people who are behind your brand or company. In a well constructed social media campaign, Mary Janes Film scored big.

Dope Magazine – Melanie’s Choice:

What they did right: Dope Magazine used stunning imagery and a question to engage with their community.

What can other cannabis companies learn? At Refined Bud, we talk a lot about the importance of community engagement. Dope Magazine understands that engagement equals growth, so they asked a simple question with a stunning visual. After a cannabis brand builds up a decent size of followers (anything over 10,000), making a direct ask of your audience will generate a response. If you never try to engage with your social media community, they won’t feel like part of your world.  

Jeff the 420 Chef – Melanie’s Choice:

What they did right: Jeff the 420 Chef used very trendy content (short video and recipe) to share a recipe which is found in his cookbook. Rather than sharing a picture and giving the recipe via text, his team knew that taking extra time to create a short video would perform better on Instagram.

What can other cannabis companies learn? Play with different content types. In August, Instagram added stories to compete with Snapchat, so brands have even more options when it comes to original content. While videos perform better, it ultimately depends on your audience. Test out content and then analyze the data to see what your community wants from your brand.

Madame Munchie – Linsey’s Choice:

What they did right: Encouraged their community to tag a friend, making this a very simple direct ask.

What can other cannabis companies learn? Do you want to grow your audience? Then engage with your followers. When Madame Munchie asks their community to tag their friends, they’re automatically increasing the number of people who will see the post. By using this tactic strategically, you can increase your audience size and engagement organically.


That’s a wrap for September’s best social media from cannabis companies. Which cannabrand on the list do you think did best? Did we miss any other brands who regularly post dope content? We’d love to hear from our followers which cannabis brands you love following and why. Let us know in the comments.

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