7 Simple Things To Get You Through This Election Season

One of the longest election cycles ever has finally taken its toll and made politics unbearable for this politico. We needed a break from marketing advice, data analysis, and this election season. So, at Refined Bud, we decided to highlight a few products that we love and will be using to make these next 39 days before the election bearable.

The Stashlogix EcoStash
We have the ecostash, and it’s perfect for when you’re on the go! It has enough room to hold plenty of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, and accessories. We use ours to stash all our accouterments. It’s discrete and kid-proof! Pairs well with hipsters and soccer moms alike.

The Dreamer Grinder
This elegant grinder has been perfected by countless hours spent on research and development. Not only does this grinder help you perfectly pack delicious cones, but it’s been designed to shred, mix, store, and dispense your fresh herbs however you like. The Dreamer grinder is perfect for everyday use and is perfect if you struggle with hand strength issues, have arthritis or limited mobility.  This grinder is much simpler and easier to use. Pairs well with regular use and cone aficionados.  Bonus: it fits nicely in your Stashlogix bag!

Kiva chocolates
We’ve been a fan of Kiva chocolates since day one. While we’ve tried many edibles on the market, it was important for us to find a product with consistent doses every time. Being fans of micro-dosing throughout the day to alleviate anxiety, one to two Terra bites, provides just the right amount of thc to get through. We love the chocolate covered espresso beans! Pairs well with wild adventures or your 9 to 5.

Dank Fung Executive Vape Pen
This is the first executive pen on the market that provided the giant plume of vapor you hope to receive after taking a nice long draw on a rig. Not only does it have a similar look to an actual pen, but its glass bowl allows you to take really deep, flavorful draws. It is complemented nicely with their extracts. The pen gets plenty of buzz—it’s the prettiest pen on the market. But it’s elegance doesn’t dilute its firepower. The executive was named one of the top 5 vape pens in High Times Magazine. Pairs well with an intimate gathering or adventures outdoors.

Jane’s Brew Unsweetened Gourmet Tea
We were delighted when we tried drinking thc for the first time. In our opinion, it’s the best method of consumption. There may be even more potential health benefits due to cannabis’ synergistic relationship with tea. Hands down, this drink, is pure greatness. Jane Brew is the best we’ve found in taste, consistency in dosing and texture; it makes it an excellent treat. Our favorite is the Green Tea. Pairs well with a road trip or a cleaning frenzy.

Green Soldiers Healers
Their Clean Green Certified flower delivers again and again and again. Not only will laundry, writing, or anything that sometimes feels like a chore becomes much more amusing, but you can ensure that every flower you purchase is held to the strictest standards. They carry Clean Green Certified concentrates, cannabis flower, topicals, tinctures, and edibles. The team behind GSH are great people who really care about providing high-quality medicine to seniors and veterans. Pairs well with Beverly Hills parents, Tree Huggers, or Venice skateboarders.

Highly Debated
Yes. We. Can. We came up with a cannabis game as a way to cope with the 2016 election cycle. With so much riding on this election (a possible six states have cannabis legalization on the line), it’s important that we pay attention. So, why not play #highlydebated with us during the next debate. Pairs well with your friends, some favorite strains, and the next debate on Sunday, October 9th. You won’t have to worry about that horrendous hangover on Monday morning.

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