Six Cannabis Companies Who Crushed it on Social Media – August 2016

Posted by Refined Bud on August 31, 2016 in blog

Refined Bud is introducing a new monthly installment highlighting the best use of social media by cannabis brands. Why? It’s important to not only see what’s being used successfully but to identify emerging trends in the market. Each month, Refined Bud will highlight six examples of successful social media posts from cannabis brands and give you tips on how to achieve the same type of success for your brand. We’d love to hear which brands you think are rocking social media, too! 

Willie’s Reserve – Linsey’s Choice

What they did right: Willie’s Reserve used an excellent image to educate their audience about the Federal Government’s patent for cannabis. The post highlighted the government’s hypocrisy in a way that was engaging because it stuck with the company’s voice.

What can other cannabis companies learn: Take a position and stake a claim in the movement. Businesses that advocate for public good the are seen positively in the community and will, in turn, see higher long-term brand approval, than those that do nothing to support their community.

Bloom Farms – Linsey’s Choice

What they did right: they used their Facebook page to post about something positive that the company is doing. They also trying to capitalize on the fact that millennials prefer businesses that give to charity and that consumers are willing to spend more on organic, artisanal, union-made, and other sustainably minded products.

What can other Cannabis Companies Learn?: Share your efforts to help others or support your community. Doing good can provide you with real positive value. Make sure you have a strong picture or visual to accompany a post about your values.

Sweet Releaf – Linsey’s Choice

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#SweetHacks: Migraines? Childs pose is an incredible healing remedy. You can prop yourself with a bolster or practice straight on your carpet. Childs pose quiets the mind, calms down the nervous system and effectively reduces pain by releasing tension from the back and shoulders. Direct your breath towards the back (this drives the oxygen up the spine, and into the back of the neck and the shoulders). Massage a small dab of Sweet ReLeaf on your temples, stay in childs for 10 minutes and breathe. Source @huffingtonpost #cannabissociety #cannabiscommunity #womengrow #cannabiscures #marijuanamovement #cannabisculture #medicalcannabis #cbdbalms #alternativetherapy #naturalremedies #cannabistopical #painrelief #wellness #migrainessuck #migraines #childspose #yogadaily

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What they did right: They are establishing credibility in their brand and product while educating their audience on how sweet releaf can be used to help soothe the pain from migraines.

What can other cannabis companies learn?: Use your social media as a subtle way to educate your audience on the benefits and uses of your product. Not only do your customers learn something useful, but you add value to your product and brand. 

Green Flower Media – Melanie’s Choice

What they did right: Educate about public advocacy. 

What can other cannabis companies learn?: This post encouraged their audience to get active – not just smoke. You can use social media to teach your customers how to get involved in the local community or on issues they care about. When you demonstrate how your brand is positively involved, it will strengthen your credibility as a brand.  

Phantom Farms – Melanie’s Choice

What they did right: Engaged their audience relevant hashtags. 

What can other cannabis companies learn?: Using trending topics or events are a great way to introduce your brand to a new audience and gain followers.  Industry specific hashtags are another way to  engage with your current followers.

CannaLawBlog – Melanie’s Choice

What they did right: Created original and shareable content.

What can other cannabis companies learn?: Developing graphics with text overlay to portray a quote or message is an excellent way to develop original content that your audience wants to share. Visual images are more likely to be recognized and shared and can help you organically grow your audience on social media.

That wraps up this month’s best social media from cannabis companies. What resonated with you this month? Is there a up-and-coming brand that is incredibly nimble on social media? Let us know.

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