How Cannabis Brands Can Jump on the Facebook Live Experience

Posted by Refined Bud on August 17, 2016 in blog

Whenever a major social media company adds new features, such as Facebook Live, there is a real desire to be one of the first adopters. While this may be a good strategy for some industries and markets, it makes sense for the cannabis sector to watch how it develops before jumping in feet first. Jumping in could get your accounts suspended, or worse, get you a visit from authorities thanks to its continued illegality on the Federal Level. If you want to venture into Facebook Live for your cannabis company, here are 5 tips to avoid suspension and succeed.

  1. Plan it
    Facebook recently changed it’s algorithm to benefit brands and pages that use the platform. Facebook Live is also amassing massive eyes, making it a coveted space for brands. They’ve even begun testing advertising on the medium.   

    What does this mean for Cannabis Brands?
    If you use these recent changes to your advantage, you could gain a consistent and massive following of people curious about cannabis, this industry, and build brand loyalists. But you have to play by Facebook’s rules meaning that you should avoid showing actual consumption. Get creative! How can you explain cannabis, or promote what it’s like to work at your company without showing people smoking?  Can you to unbox a new product, share behind-the-scenes, or interview a celebrity or influencer? The more creative you get, the more people will want to tune in to see what you’re going to do next.
  2. Promote it
    In marketing, there’s something called touchpoints, which boils down to how many times a customer comes in contact with your brand, before, during and after they purchase your product. If you want your community to tune into your event, you should use that same mentality to make sure you are always finding ways to connect with your customers before, during, and after your Live event. If someone doesn’t know about your rollerblade race through the city with a massive blow-up blunt, then they won’t watch it. So, be sure to promote it on Facebook a few times before when you’re scheduled to go live. And don’t forget to cross promote it on your other social media channels. Once you’ve put in the work to create an excellent event, don’t let the content go to waste.  Use the feedback from your customers to repurpose content and make improvements the next time you go live.
  3. Perfect the location
    The beauty of Facebook Live is that you can really do it anywhere, or almost anywhere. At Refined Bud, we’ve produced, managed, and executed numerous Facebook Live posts for brands. Once, we thought we had discovered this dope rooftop skyline in Los Angeles only to remember that there would be no internet connection on the roof. Don’t forget to ensure you have a reliable internet connection (as well as clear sound) when planning to execute Facebook Live successfully. That’s why you see so many people in offices. Your location doesn’t have to be boring – just make sure you’ve all tested the connection (as well as sound quality) before going live. While it won’t hurt your brand, it may be disappointing at the moment to all your viewers.
  4. Practice it
    If you’re planning on a more involved Facebook Live event, you should have a run-of-show. You want to ensure those that are tuning in stay interested, stick around, and hopefully share the video with their friends. Practice will help you feel more natural and confident when it’s time to go live.
  5. Perform Authentically
    After much planning, the day has arrived. It’s time for your live event! Double check the connection, have a run-of-show and get ready to wow your audience. Perhaps the most important takeaway is once you go live, be yourself. Video (mainly live videos) allows for a real connection with the public. You have an opportunity to make a lifelong and loyal customer if you provide them with value for their time. People are now spending an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook. If a person tunes in for 3 minutes, what was the value of their time? If you’ve given them that, they’ll be back. They’ll remember you. That’s the best feeling in the world. 

That sums up our tips on how Cannabis Brands can succeed in using Facebook Live. We want to know what brands (cannabis or otherwise) are capturing your Facebook attention? Is any brand blowing away all expectations? We want to know! If you’re curious to learn even more about Facebook live, Refind Bud is now coaching clients on this channel. We’ll help you plan and execute a badass digital strategy. Stand out instead of conforming.  

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