Part 2: How Creating Original Content Can Help Your Cannabis Brand

Posted by Refined Bud on August 10, 2016 in blog

This is part two of a two-part blog about creating compelling content for Cannabis brands. You can read the previous post here.

Last week at Refined Bud we covered why creating compelling content is an important aspect of digital marketing and highlighted ways in which good content can help build brand awareness, loyalty, and strengthen your credibility in your industry. For the second part stellar content creation, we want to highlight how to effectively use your outstanding content to maximize your ROI.

Diversify your content – Slightly:
Your posts should slightly change depending on which social platform you are using to get the most out of your content. Every platform has their own voice and style, and to be effective, your content should fit into each platform without confusion. HubSpot provides a detailed graphic on How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Platforms that breaks down what do include, how to evaluate the success of the post and more. Here’s what it recommends:  

Follow the changes on platforms:
Facebook is notorious for changing their algorithm frequently, and the world of social media and marketing is ever changing. Following the changes and taking advantage of new, popular platforms or types of content will keep you ahead of the game and continue to have your content shared to reach new customers. But how do you know Facebook has changed their algorithm? Well, social media marketers will be freaking out, but one reliable source is always Simply Measured. But if reading digital marketing blogs aren’t your thing, here are a few simple ways to stay up to speed:

  1. Remain active! By participating in the social media community, you can pick up on trends and develop a plan to integrate those trends into your social media campaign.
  2. Follow news outlets and media writers. These guys will be the first to know of changes coming to your favorite platforms, so you prepare. Or if you aren’t sure of who these social media marketing gurus are, we recommend following our blog. We’ll highlight what you need to know about recent changes on digital platforms. We even have a blog up about Facebook’s recent algorithm changes.
  3. Research your audience. If you audience is communicating differently, chances are, they want to connect with your brand differently. Follow their preferences for the type of content they want to see or the platform they want to see it on.

But, just mimicking your audience and spending all your time on social isn’t always an effective strategy to get that return on investment. Again, effective content creation is as much about strategy as it is about time and effort.

Prepare your content through a calendar:
There are hundreds of content calendars available for marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs alike that can simplify your social media campaign. Nobody has time to scroll through multiple platforms all day long and develop a unique and engaging post on the fly. Plan ahead and use a calendar to schedule your posts days or a week in advance. Here are a few tips for creating and maintaining that calendar.

  1. Find a content calendar that works for you and your budget. Some are more expensive than others, and some are downright awful. Do your research and play around with free trials.
  2. Know the optimum times to post for each platform. Depending on your audience and how often you post will depend on the time of day that your content is likely to receive the most attention. Coschedule has a piece out about the optimal times across platforms.
  3. Work as a team. One person shouldn’t be in charge of the social media accounts and all the content because it a recipe for disaster. If you’re serious about social media, your entire company should be involved in sharing and helping fan the flames of your content. It should go without saying that your employees should be your best brand ambassador.
  4. Plan ahead, but not too far ahead. We don’t recommend filling your calendar for next six months with pre-scheduled content. It is impossible to guess what will happen in the next few months, or even next week to plan your content that far ahead. You can manage your posts day-to-day to keep up with changes without feeling overwhelmed.

Beyond just being effective at managing your time and your content calendar, you should also consider what type of content you are creating. The whole point of digital marketing is to get as many impressions on your content as possible to build that brand recognition and loyalty. But, as that famous saying goes – If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” – If no one actually sees your content, then what is the purpose of posting it? That’s why it’s important that the content is worth sharing.

Create content that people will want to share:
Lastly, when creating your content remember the most important thing is that your audience will react to it and be inclined to share it. If your content isn’t valuable enough to be shared, liked, or receive comments, it may not be worth posting at all.

So, what types of content have effectively caught your attention? Is there one brand out there creating exceptional content that you share with your community on the regular?

If you are interested in creating outstanding content for you cannabis brand and need some assistance, contact Refined Bud. We have the people to develop the best content for all your social platforms.

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