Beating the Odds: 3 Tips to Achieve Record Growth on Social Media

Posted by Refined Bud on March 23, 2016 in blog

It can be difficult to find your audience on social media if you’re a new cannabis company. Not only are major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook actively deleting accounts of major cannabis brands, but the stigma complicates how people will interact with the content you share.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult, and there are a few simple ways to ensure that you gain authentic followers who will become loyal brand ambassadors.

Timing is Crucial
Have you ever been up late at night and unable to sleep? If you’ve logged into Facebook hoping to find something entertaining only to be disappointed because even Facebook is quiet, then you understand the importance of timing. Research has found the best time to post to reach the maximum number of followers is between 3:00 PM and 1:00 AM.

This is a time when people are looking for a break from their busy lives or mundane work tasks. But that’s not to say all social media platforms perform best at this time. For a more detailed analysis of the best times to post read this piece from Coschedule highlighting ten studies about social media posting times

cannabis social media marketing

What’s beautiful about social media is how quickly information travels. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we at Refined Bud believe that Twitter isn’t dead. Whenever there’s breaking news, people turn to Twitter for live updates. All of this is to say that people follow others because they are interested in the content they share—they’re looking for information and ideas. That’s why we recommend bringing value to your social channels through sharing valuable information that is relevant to your audience. If you post valuable content that’s interesting, on a regular basis, the followers will come. Not only will you be informing your followers, but you’ll also be positioning yourself and your brand as an important influencer in the cannabis industry

One of our clients at Refined Bud engages their audience on health through the use of cannabis and by doing so, they’re increasing followers every day. Why? People have medical questions related to cannabis, and they are finding answers on Green Soldiers Healers social media channels. However, when informing your audience don’t come across as a know-it-all. No one enjoys being told they don’t know what they’re talking about, or worse, their opinions don’t matter. Coschedule recommends thinking your posts through in a way that you’re sharing outward, valuable information.

Share Relevant Content
It may be surprising but social media is all about your connections and network—people follow you because they find your content interesting and insightful. As we mentioned previously, your followers want to be informed; they want compelling information about the topic you both have an interest in.

Sharing content from other influencers in Cannabis increases the value you offer your customers, community, and target audience. This establishes your brand as a reliable source for valuable opinion and insights while also increases the likelihood of audience engagement. It’s a win-win. In fact, Fast Company has a great piece on six research-backed ways to get more followers, which includes sharing others people’s content as one of the keys to increasing followers.

For maximum audience engagement share breaking news and trending topics. Not only is it the fastest way for your content to get shared, but it’s a time when most of us turn to social media to figure out what’s going on. Recently, when the Supreme Court denied Nebraska’s argument against Colorado’s cannabis legalization, major cannabis outlets immediately posted the story.

Roy Povarchik, a brilliant growth and content marketing guru for startups, says,

The real quick way to get a bunch of people following you: Be Barack Obama. Or Katy Perry. Or Joel Gascoigne.

Luckily, you don’t have to actually be Barack Obama or Katy Perry to reach their level of followers, but you do have to be posting unique and original content enough that people want to follow what you’re doing.

In the infographic below, Povarchik details what type of people and businesses lead the way on social media. If your brand or company is not yet in the news, then be the first to report on or share what’s happening in the industry.

It can be tough to stay ahead of all of these breaking news items, especially when you have a company to run, product to trim, or sales to make. It’s one of the primary reasons companies have a dedicated social media specialist. If you want to be in the game, you have to show up and play it.  

cannabis social media marketing

It’s not difficult to get your cannabis company set up on social media platforms, but it’s increasingly difficult to grow an audience on these platforms. Cannabis companies have many obstacles to overcome and maneuver to reach their customers, but by following a few of the tips above you’ll have a better chance of gaining a following.

It’s always harder to take an unknown brand or business and make it known—but with some tenacity and dedication, you too can be the next High Times or Cheech and Chong. Social media channels just need to be consistent, and your followers need to be fed relevant and compelling information.

If your cannabis business wants to increase its online presence but you don’t have the time or capacity to manage your accounts, consider Refined Bud. We’re not only experts at growing cannabis companies online, but we understand where your audience is and how to reach them.

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