How to Crush it at the Marijuana Business Conference

With the Marijuana Business Conference coming up quickly, it’s important to think strategically about how to get the most out of another cannabis conference. While you may be going because this is an amazingly fun industry to work in, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience. That’s why Refined Bud’s own residential expert-in-networking shared these 5 key things to do to maximize your experience at Marijuana Business Conference and Expo taking place November 11-13th.

  1. Plan ahead: Do you know what seminars you want to attend? Do you know who is presenting? Is there an expert in your field presenting one day? If there is, think of a question or two that you can ask them after their presentation. By planning ahead, you will make the most of your time at these events. Since there are so many seminars going on simultaneously you want to make sure you’re utilizing your time as efficiently as possible. Don’t go to a seminar that doesn’t advance your business or interests. Or if you end up in a seminar and it’s terrible, leave. You’re there to gain knowledge from the best in the business. Use it wisely.

  2. Stay After Each Talk: After you’ve planned ahead and know which seminars are the most important to you, the next step of perfecting the seminar is to stay after and talk to the expert. This is your chance to make a connection with them and learn valuable advice. Or, to just build your network. Meeting people at conferences greatly increases your ability to be connected with the best and the brightest in any industry. If you’re not making those connections, the competition is. This will only help you in the long run. Trust us. But only if you’re properly prepared, which is why this is second. Planning ahead remains the most important thing you can do.

  3. Stay engaged: You never know how much one person can impact your future. Be engaged throughout the entire conference. As a natural introvert, it’s hard to be on 3+ days a week, almost 24 hours a day, but know that the connections you make will be worth the energy and the anxiety. Be sincere. Listen intently to each person you meet to learn as much about them and their business as possible. Make the conversation about them, and let them find out about all of your accomplishments through your website later. No résumé talk and no elevator speech. People will remember the impression you made more than the accomplishments you listed, so give them enough to know that you’re worth talking to, and then let them talk. People love to talk about their own accomplishments, and they might slip in some information or connection that may benefit you later.

  4. Stay Hands-Free: You will get brochures, swag, business cards, and samples from every person you meet, but you need to be able to shake their hand. Make sure you bring a bag that, while still looking professional, allows you to carry around your new collection of cannabis balms and vaping tools while staying engaged during each new introduction. Additionally, so you can stay engaged, please eat before you go and make sure you have a small water bottle in your bag to keep you hydrated.

  5. Follow Up: There is no point in going to a conference and making connections without follow through. The most important thing to do after a conference is to immediately reach out to your new contacts. Send an email to the new people in your network, tell them it was nice to meet them, and ask a follow-up question about what you spoke about. Be to each contact what you want them to be for you, a source of information and potential growth. Send them relevant articles and studies, connect with them on social media, and introduce them to people already in your network. If you make the effort, they will too. Everyone gets a stack of business cards at conferences, so it is important to remain at the top of the pile and remind that person of your interaction. It may be exhausting, but people notice when you take that extra step. Though building a network takes time and energy, connections pay off, and eventually your effort will start to snowball.

We know that there are a ton of other ways to get the most from the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo next week. Have another tip for conference attendees? Let us know in the comments! The great women at Women Grow have created a wonderful infographic providing some more tips that they were gracious enough to let us include. Can’t wait to connect with you all next week.

5 ways to crush it at a conference image

           Thanks for the advice, Women Grow!

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