Does Social Media Matter For Cannabis Brands?

If you have no idea what social media or digital traffic can mean for your company, you’re not alone. Recently, TrustRadius conducted a survey where 60% of social media marketers (aka the experts), said that measuring their ROI (return on investment) was the most difficult part of their job. Think about that, it’s not coming up with a campaign, or finding information to post, or relating social media trends with a company that are difficult for them, it’s actually figuring out if the time and energy they put into social media is a sound investment.

Why does this matter? Well, for one thing social media marketing will account for 22.5% of marketing budgets within the next five years. To make sure you’re not throwing a fourth of your marketing budget down the drain, you need to make sure you’re running a smooth, efficient, and consistent social media campaign.

With many small businesses, we often hear, “I don’t know what social media channels I need to be on.” You are not alone. That’s why the amazing folks at Simply Measured created this great graphic to help explain social media network metrics.

picture of social media metrics

A brief overview of how to measure social media metrics

No, we’re not suggesting that you, your brand, or your product need to have a page on each of these networks. That can be too much, even for an internationally known brand. But you want to figure out which system will best translate into increased traffic to your website, product, or dispensary, and then how to turn that into a loyal customer following.

  1. Keep track of your data – even if it doesn’t make much sense at first
  2. Read up on how to maximize your posts
  3. Get some best practice tips
  4. Copy your competition
  5. Test, test, test, and refine – we describe this in detail below

As with everything digital, you can see results of past performance. If you’re not able to stay ahead on the day to day interactions of fans on social media, then it’s important that you don’t shift away from a strategy halfway through the trial period. Stick with it because only time will tell you whether or not you’re meeting and engaging your core audience of consumers. If you’ve been tracking your data regularly, (like we mentioned in #1), then you should be able to analyze the three months of data to look for patterns. Have no fear, if you’re scared you’re not measuring the right things, seek out articles and advice from experts in the social media field. If you have the budget, bring on board a social media consultant to help you understand what data you should be measuring.

Think like a politician and know everything will exist online forever. Honesty is the best policy. If you make a spelling mistake or retweet a parody Twitter account, fix it – delete the tweet or say sorry for spamming your followers with a fake account. However, most social media, in particular for the cannabis industry, remains free range.

If you’re too intimidated by social media, it’s time to consider reaching out to the pros. We’re not here to toot our own horn, but if you find yourself struggling to keep a tight reign on social media, it might be time to hire someone who can.

So, we want to know from our clients, members, and readers – what social media channels are most relevant to your brand and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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