Want To Know Your Audience? Do These 3 Things.

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Do you know how your audience interacts with your brand online? Find out, it’s that important.

For a small company starting out, the last thing on your mind may be who is following you on your Facebook feed or who your most recent Instagram follower may be. But, with analytics and changes in technology available to many small businesses if you don’t know your audience or why they like you, you’re leaving money on the table.
The more information you know about your audience members, the better you can grow your business to meet the needs of your customers. This process has been a longtime strategy for marketers in old trade industries. And as many venture capitalists will tell you—trying to do business the old way will run you dry. Below you’ll find three tips to help you identify your audience and their needs.

Know what you customers want from you
As Michael Jaglois from Canna Ventures states, the effort you put into research and understanding your customer takes time and discipline. “Knowing your customers isn’t the result of sharing anecdotes or what you hear at cocktail parties, but instead, a concerted, ongoing process of talking to them and learning not only what they think, but how they feel about you.”

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Yes, it does take time to know your audience. Invest now for the future success of your brand.

A simple solution to extensive market research is a membership survey. If you have a decent online community, a membership survey is a strong starting point. By asking a few key questions, you’ll quickly know who your customer base is and why they’re attracted to your product. Over time, you can continue to survey the membership to see how their perception of your brand and the market has changed. It’s important to stay engaged and not become a stale brand.

Tell the Brand Story
Customers are more likely to build loyalty with a brand or product based on a feel good story or strong positive memory they may associate with your brand. Mimicking this story to help convey your brand identity is important. Are you a discreet vape pen for on the go hits? Are you a paper company that believes in using all natural materials? Are you a dispensary that caters to college students? If you have an image of a target audience in mind, your product must exemplify that story, and all of your external channels should exemplify that story. These stories help build an emotional connection with the customer that will build trust and loyalty over time.

Some cannabis companies may be so bold to tell their brand story online. One of our favorite examples of a strong brand story is that of Madame Munchies, a cannabis infused macaron company based in San Francisco.

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You have to be able to pick out your target audience in a place full of strangers.

Be approachable to newcomers
One of the largest misconceptions in the cannabis industry is that everyone using your product is an expert. One does not need to look far to run across Maureen Dowd’s infamous edible fiasco. Not everyone is used to consuming cannabis in all it’s various forms that are popping up all over the market. So, instead of showing off your industry buzz words, consider keeping your text and tone approachable. As the public opinion shifts on recreational cannabis, so too does the social stigma. Don’t miss out on this market by appearing unapproachable.

These are just a few of the ways to maximize your audience appeal and to get to know your core group of customers a bit better. By investing a bit of time and energy into your customer’s happiness, you’ll be able to extend the life of that contact and make them a lifelong family member of your business or brand. If you are interested in more ways to connect to your customers, be sure you sign up for the Refined Bud tips and tricks to success newsletter. You’ll know your audience in no time.

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